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Your holiday is a time to relax and to enjoy the presence of your family and loved ones. You want to be sure you are where you want to be. No surprises, or it should be the cool welcoming drink upon arrival. Dubai to Africa is the Africa expert company that has selected the finest spots in Africa and can and will organize the best possible safari and beach getaway in Africa for you. And if you bear in mind that flights from Dubai to Nairobi are only 4.1/2 hours, spending some time in Africa might be an idea for your next holiday, honeymoon or company outing. And you don't need to live in Dubai to get our help. Even if you are in the US, the UK, Qatar or Egypt, our experts are here to help select the place and accommodation that meets your holiday budget, wishes and expectations. So go ahead and book your safari or beach getaway with us in Africas finest places.


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