Dubai to Africa

Dubai to Africa is a group of Africa specialists who wants to give you ideas on how and where to spend your precious safari holiday. Our team consist of members that have worked on the ground in various African countries. They have visited every place and know the ins - and outs of each country. Dubai to Africa is an affliation of Arabian Pacific; a Dubai based travelagent with a spotless reputation and all air travel arrangements can be made through them. Dubai to Africa manages individual travels as well as corporate travels.

We have selected the best safari and beach accommodation in various safari countries. And we can tailor make any safari for any budget. We will listen to your wishes and will come up with itinaries and accommodation and a competitive price. We dont do one thing; and that is to compromise on quality.

Book your safari with us and you will have the holiday of a lifetime. Dubai to Africa is there to have you say upon your return: I want to go back!