Evengue Lodge

Evengue Lodge is a small lodge on a small island in the Vernan Vaz Lagoon,

Vernan Vaz Lagoon bungalows
the second biggest lagoon in Gabon. Only 20 minutes by boat from Omboue, a small African town near Loango National Park and 1.5 hours by fourwheeldrive from the main 'Loango Lodge' you will find this miniature Loango National Park. Savanna, Forest and beach are present and visitors will experience this small island as a true haven. The silence, the simplicity of the lodge and the nocturnal sounds of the forest, the flapping of the fish on the water, the screaming of the monkeys, it will bring you back to the Africa it once was.


The accommodation

The lodge consist of 5 comfortable but simple bungalows

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(one of which floating on the lagoon), each with private terrace, either facing the lagoon or set in the forest. One bungalow is a floating house just off the island. All bungalows have their own ensuite bathroom with shower, basin and flushing toilet; there is a wooden restaurant on a veranda, lounge with comfortable couches international cuisine and a well stocked bar. Evenings will merely spend on the deck or around the fire in the adjacent boma.The lodge also has an wireless internet connection for those who cannot abandon their home or work.

Evengue is a wonderful small place with a small restaurant overlooking the lagoon. This tiny island also host a gorilla orphanege and a sanctuary for gorillas

that have spent their life in captivity. These gorillas reside in a semi-natural captive setting and are fed and monitored by trained local keepers. Visitors of the island can spend some time with the gorilla keepers and visit the project. Very close to Evengue Island, the magnificent St. Anne with its ancient Eiffel church can be found. This place was once home to french and english missionaries. The the serenity of the place with its hughe bamboo forrest and still working hospital with local nurses, the local school and orphanage makes you want to come back.


Things to do

Vernan Vaz Gorilla Orphanage

The islands houses the Fernan Vaz Gorilla project meaning that the island is home of a gorilla family that is well being taken care of by researchers. The family consist of 3 members of the same samily fathered by a 28 year old Silverback Mbeki. This impressive gorilla was being held in a research center when he was released and brought to Evengue. His family has grown over the years with gorilla orphans being introduced in the family.

St. Annes's missionary post

St Annes mission is a missionary post

St. Annes's missionary post
that holds one of Eiffels towers in the heart of the Jungle.A church will a big bell tower and beautiful paintings of black madonnes with child. A big bamboo cahtedral adjecent to it. The graveyard with headstones of the old french and english missionaries are definitely worth visiting as is the small school and hospital run by local sisters.