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Loango Lodge (temporarily closed until further notice)

Situated between

Loango National Park
the Nkomi and Ndogo Lagoons, Loango National Park is the true jewel of Africa's western coast. Also called 'Africa's Last Eden' or 'Land of the Surfing Hippos' by National Geographic, the park’s 1,550 km of savannah, pristine beach, forest and mangroves are a must-see in Gabon. Loango National Park offers breathtaking panoramas and gives the unique opportunity to observe elephants, buffalos, hippos, gorillas and leopards venturing onto the white sand beaches. One of thirteen national parks created in Gabon in 2002, Loango National Park protects diverse coastal habitat, including part of the 220 km² Iguéla Lagoon, the only significant example of a typical western African lagoon system that is protected within a national park. The area also remains a relatively pristine example of how most of coastal western Africa must have been before. It is a place where large mammals, including forest buffalo, elephant, and hippopotamus wander onto the beaches and even enter the Atlantic Ocean.


The accommodation

Loango Lodge 

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Loango Lodge pool
located in Loango National Park is the best lodge in Gabon. It consist of 10 thatch bungalows. They all have a great view over the Iguela lagoon and the national park which is home to an abundance of wildlife. There are 3 suites having a separate bedroom and living room with an ensuite bathroom with bath and private verandah. The bungalows are relatively small but very clean. The main building is a very nice mixture of African and western styles and has a wide open restaurant/ bar. The terrace overlooking the lagoon is magnficent. Food is served in the restaurant or outside on the jetty (pailotte). Private diners in your room can be served upon request.


The lodge

Loango Lodge interior bungalow
also has satellite camps dotted throughout the park offer different locations for wildlife viewing including whale watching, spotting forest elephants and in the correct season mammals on the beach! Depending on the season either Akaka (down south) or Tassi (west) are used for multiple day hikes or game drives.

Things to do

Visit Gorilla sanctuary or Max Planck Great Ape research

Evengue lodge,

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Loango Lodge gorilla spotting
satellite camp of Loango, is a small lodge on a tiny island, 1.5 hours by car and boat from the main lodge. It houses a gorilla family consisting of 4 official members, Mbeki, a 28 year old Silverback being the father. The sanctuary takes orphanage gorillas and introducing them into the family so that they might have a chance to survive in the wild or at least their offspring will do so.

Whale watching *

The lodge is home for whale researchers from july till october. They conduct their long term research and visitors of Loango Lodge can come along to see how the research is done. Visitors can encounter humpbackwales and bottlenose dolphins on powerboats. Researchers, who are on the same boat, trace and photograph them and will take DNA samples. Only one or two visitors can come along. The trip will take a whole day and is not for the light hearted. Whale watching is at extra cost.