Lopé Hotel

Lopé Hotel is situated in Lope National Park, located in the center of Gabon and being a

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world heritage site. Lope is situated four hours by train or 7 hours by 4x4 wheel from Libreville. The park including savannahs and forests is a reminder of what Central Africa was like during the Glacier Era. This region has many animals, especially the population of about 4,500 forest elephants, 2,500 gorillas, 2,000 chimpanzees, 50,000 mandrills, 1,000 panthers, and also red buffaloes, sitatungas, yellow-backed duiker, black colobus, sun-tailed monkeys, red river hogs, 400 species of birds and many other types of animals. In spite of their great presence, it is not always easy to see them because of the forest cover. The pleasure is all the greater to discover them in their own authentic environment after all the effort and time spent in following their trails. An important site for rock engravings is on the Ogooué River, dating back to 500 B.C., taking you on a beautiful boat ride in a dugout canoe on the rapids of the river.


The accommodation


Dominated by Mount Brazza and bordered by the majestic Ogooué River, the Lopé Hotel is a charming place. Its bungalows surrounded by pretty gardens, have private bathrooms and are air-conditioned. Several categories are available for you from a comfortable bedroom to a luxury suite. From your private terrace, from the bar, restaurant or swimming pool, the view is superb.



Things to do

Mandrill tracking

A mandrill tracking program being part of a larger ongoing biological monitoring program

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to estimate large mammal populations throughout Lopé National Park is carried out by WCS staff (wildlife conservation society). Visitors of Lope Hotel allowing visitors to go with researchers on radio tracking walking tours.

Bird watching

opé also has a thriving bird life. More than 400 species have been identified, of which amongst others the Dja river warbler, African river martin, red-throated cliff swallow, greenbulls, fire-crested and brown-chested Alethes, black and red-billed dwarf hornbills, crowned hawk eagle, great blue turaco, chocolate backed kingfisher, emerald cuckoo, yellow-crested woodpeckers and the black guinea fowl and many many more.