Loisaba Koija Star Beds

Loisaba bestrides the border of Laikipia and Kenya's rugged Northern Frontier District.

Loisaba Star Bed
100 km from the equator, this private game ranch is in country of transcendent beauty where the farm management and the local Laikipiak Maasai and Samburu community work together to preserve the environment and the wildlife that abounds here. The view from Loisaba extends for hundreds of miles - to Mount Kenya, the Lolldaiga Hills and the Mathews Range. They rise from plains where big game range free and undisturbed by the incursions of the twenty first century. Through Loisaba roam elephant, lion and leopard alongside the rare northern species that thrive here - gerenuk, Grevy's zebra and reticulated giraffe. One very special animal that can be seen close to Koija starbeds is the wild dog. Luxurious yet in harmony with its surroundings, full of adventure yet an oasis of calm, Loisaba is a tranquil and life-enhancing haven for wildlife and visitors alike.


The accommodation

The star bed concept

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Loisaba Koija Star Bed
is a Loisaba innovation where guests can sleep out under the stars in rustic comfort. There are two star bed camps on the Loisaba ranch and both are community run. The ‘Koija’ star beds are located on the banks of the Ewaso N’giro River and its rooms are sited above the flowing river below. The Koija Star beds are reached by a footbridge from the opposite bank.

Each bed has been dramatically designed and consists of a handcrafted wooden raised platform, partially covered with a thatched roof. Homemade ‘Mukokoteni’ (uniquely designed bed on wheels’), can either be wheeled onto the open

Loisaba house
deck area for a night under the stars, or left under the shelter of the roof. There is also a 'Family Star Bed'. All the beds are a ‘four-poster’ design with insect netting. Each Star Bed has a simple ensuite shower, washbasin and flushing loo.

Guests are guided and hosted by a team of traditional Samburu and Laikipia Massai warriors. Food is prepared in a traditional camp kitchen, barbeque style. The Star Beds are normally reached by one of several options; on foot, horse, camel or vehicle. With two Star Bed camps guests have a unique opportunity to travel between them and the ranch as part of a Star Bed Expedition.


Things to do


Loisaba’s ‘Mind, Body & Soul’

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Sundowners Ersa
concept encompasses the enriching experience a stay in the wild can evoke, one which affects visitors not only visually but also spiritually and emotionally – vast tracts of wilderness alive with wildlife of every shape and form, local tribes continuing their traditional lifestyle little changed for centuries, and a majestic landscape sweeping down to the indomitable Mount Kenya. The Loisaba Spa offers guests the opportunity to relax and absorb this awakening of senses.

Other adventure

Loisaba is made for adventure: guests enjoy complete freedom to choose how they spend their time so the only barrier is your own imagination. Trek through the bush with camels, mountain bike down the escarpment, raft, horseback-ride or drive through the wild canyons of the two great rivers that span the vast property. Loisaba is immense: bigger than ten of the world's fully-fledged nations. You could take months exploring this land and never encounter the same view twice.