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Nkwichi Wilderness Lodge

On the wild shore of Lake Niassa, the 9th largest lake in the world

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Diner Lake Niassa
, is where Nkwichi lodge is build. At 560km long, 80km wide and up to 700m deep, it forms the eastern border between Malawi and Mozambique. The lake's fresh water is crystal clear and contains a greater variety of indigenous fish species of than any other lake in the world. The beach on the shores of the lake with its fine, white sand is the central feature at the heart of the lodge.. Nkwichi prides itself on practicing responsible tourism. By staying at the lodge guests are contributing to nature and the development of the community. The lodge provides wages for over 75 local members of staff.


The accommodation

When you arrive by boat you would never know there is a lodge here.

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Lodge Nkichwi chalet
Each chalet has been carefully tucked away in the tree line so that the pristine lakeshore scenery is unspoilt. There are 6 chalets in total, allowing only 14 guests to sleep at the lodge at any one time. The chalets are located far enough apart to provide privacy. Each one is designed differently with their own unique characteristics. Some are built around rocks and trees surrounding the chalet. All of them are spacious attracting the breezes from the lake under the shady thatched roofs.

The central feature in each chalet is the enormous, 4-poster bed, made of old tree trunks and covered in a beautifully crafted white mosquito net. The sheets are freshly pressed as are your beach and bathrooms towels. Alongside bedside tables with flowers are carefully arranged by the lodge's staff.

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Nkichwi Lodge
In the evenings there are electric lights in each room. Each chalet has its own en-suite bathroom cleverly designed so that you can bathe outside under the tree canopy in complete privacy. All of the bathrooms have showers hung from overhanging branches with hot and cold running water. Some have bathtubs carved out of the living rock.


Things to do


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The lodge is located at the foot of the escarpment in the Rift Valley. This means it only takes a few minutes to walk up behind the lodge, gain some height and look out over the lake towards Malawi. There are a number of walks with varying lengths according to your needs. A guide who is able to identify the vast range of bird species can either accompany guests or you can take a map and explore the local area on your own.

Bird watching:

The lake attracts a vast range of bird species. Some of these are indigenous to this part of Africa whilst numerous species pass through on their migration flights north and south each year. The lodge has several guides who are highly knowledgeable about finding and identifying the local bird species.

Likoma Island Tour:

After breakfast guests take a launch or dhow across to Likoma Island which remains part of Malawi despite being on the Mozambique side of the lake. A guide will lead you around this interesting community showing you several places of local importance. This includes the historic St Peter's Cathedral which was built over 100 years ago and plays a central role in the people's community life. Trips are planned as far as possible to coincide with services to allow guests the chance to enjoy the amazing atmosphere and hear the choir sing.