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Bom Bom Island resort

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Sao Tome and Principe
On the west coast of Africa, right on the equator (and only 5 hours away from Europe), the tropical island of Príncipe is a virtually undiscovered paradise in the Atlantic Ocean, north-east of São Tomé. It’s a place where dense rainforests teem with exotic birds, where whales sport playfully off unspoiled, deserted beaches, where crystal-clear waterfalls cascade into the azure blue ocean, and where the people are, above all, friendly and happy to meet you. In short, Príncipe is a sensational place to relax, dive, fish or turn adventurous. Príncipe’s extraordinary landscape, an irregular scattering of soaring volcanic peaks, is 70% covered by primary forest where up to 20% of trees, orchids and birds are said to be endemic. It has still been barely touched by the island’s 5,000 inhabitants or the outside world. On the northern shore of Príncipe lies the exclusive Bom Bom Island Resort, offering luxurious accommodation in staggeringly beautiful natural surroundings.

The accommodation

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Bom Bom Island Resort is a true haven of luxury and calm, offering the ultimate in comfortable and secluded accommodation. In addition to an ensuite bathroom, air-conditioning and other modern amenities, each bungalow has its own veranda with wonderful views across the green palm fronds and the bay. Bom Bom’s restaurant, bar and marina are located on a tiny islet, which can be reached by crossing the 230-metre wooden walkway. What better location for enjoying a cocktail or a choice of local as well as international delicacies than the outside deck of this restaurant, overlooking the secluded beaches, the bungalows and the marina pier!


Things to do:

Day hikes, diving, snorkeling and whalewatching

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BomBom beach
While Bom Bom is a wonderful place to relax and recharge your spirit, there is also plenty here to explore and discover. There are several hikes through untouched primary forests and bird-watching expeditions to discover some of the island’s many exotic birds, including 7 endemic species – to Rio São Tomé, for example, at the south end of the island.One of the most amazing things to do (in the right season though) is to watch whales, to go deep-sea fishing, diving or snorkelling

Visit ancient roças

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Sao Tome and Principe
Príncipe’s history is as rich as its exotic plant and animal life. During the island tour, you will be able to explore the old Portuguese town of Santo Antonio and enjoy its mixture of African, European and South American culture, see something of daily life in a traditional fishing village and pay a visit to one of the old cocoa or coffee plantations (known locally as roças). Príncipe’s primary forest remains largely unsurveyed since the beginning of the century. With its tropical climate, rugged landscape, exotic plants and animals, clear waters and perfectly palm-fringed beaches, it’s very easy to feel like the first ever explorer setting foot on the island