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Omali Hotel

São Tomé is a small tropical island in the Atlantic Ocean, close to Gabon.

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Sao Tome and Principe swimmingpool
Author: Christoph LePetit
Discovered in 1470 by Portuguese navigators, this cone-shaped volcanic island that culminates in the 2,025-metre Pico de São Tomé offers dramatic landscapes of torrents and waterfalls, black and white sand beaches, sheer sea cliffs, tropical forest and extensive cocoa plantations. Together with the island of Príncipe, São Tomé forms one of the smallest independent nations in the world, located some 220 kilometrers off the western equatorial coast of Africa. São Tomé combines well-developed infra-structure with rich flora – 700 species including a hundred orchids – and fauna – birds and marine turtles – of which many species are endemic.


The accommodation

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Omali Hotel
Conveniently situated across from Lagarto beach, 1.5 km from the picturesque town of São Tomé, and close to Ôbo National Park, you will find Omali Hotel. This small luxury hotel has 30 suites, each with ensuite bath room, air-conditioning, satellite TV, telephone, and mini-bar, and all facing the pool. It has and international oriented restaurant and a nice bar with terrace overlooking the beach, a small spa with steam rooms, sauna and massage. The hotel also has a tennis court and a swimming pool with poolside bar.

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Omali hotel rooms
You may find yourself on a secluded island, but its the perfect place to unwind after a day’s exploration of the islands wonders. The lodge is also the perfect setting for Honeymoons and has a spa to suit all your pampering needs. With a restaurant and bar specialising in European and African delicacies you’ll find it hard to leave. Whether you’re there to hike the Obo National Park, try your hand at deep sea fishing, look out for rare and exotic birds or watch sea turtles come to shore, Omali Lodge is your ideal base in Sao Tome.


Things to do

Discover the island

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Sao Tome and Principe
Take a guided tour through the virgin rainforest, or visit the local botanical gardens with more than 100 different orchids from São Tomé. Climb the Pico de São Tomé (2,025 metres) or follow a more relaxed walking trail through the forest of the Ôbo National Park. The island secluded beaches are a must for the explorers

Marine turtles

Between October and April, four species of marine turtles are known to lay their eggs on the beaches of Omali hotel, including the great leatherback. You are invited you to accompany the eco-guides on their nightly patrols of the beach to supervise and protect the sea turtles as they crawl ashore to nest.

A birders paradise

São Tomé is also an ornithologist’s paradise: 143 bird species have been identified here and rare endemic species like the São Tomé short tail, São Tomé giant sun bird, and São Tomé fiscal shrike may sometimes be spotted.