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Pestana Equador Island Resort

Pestana Equador Island Resort is situated on a small islet about two hour drive from

Pestana, Equador, Island, Resort Zoom
Pestana Equador Island Resort
Sao Tome Airport followed by a twenty minute boat ride to Rolas Island. With its crystal clear unspoiled waters, it offers a colourful underwater world seldom seem, which makes it a heaven for scuba divers, snorkelling or other water sports lovers. The Sao Tome Islands are a lush tropical mix of habitats: thick forest with ancient volcanic plugs towering up above the canopy lowland cocoa plantations; and drier, open savanna scrub. The coastline is a mix of white sandy beaches, fringing mangrove, and low cliffs. Sao Tome and Principe have recently designated protected areas to be known as the Obo National Park. These areas include primary rainforests filled with numerous indeginous exotic birds and lush vegetation. Supposedly “lost” species of birds have been identified and sea turtles proliferate in the shallows around the island.


The accommodation

The hotel consist of 70 bungalows and each bungalow

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Pestana Breakfast
is designed and decorated in modern African style. A wide selection of amenities activities and facilities are available to guests including - restaurant, several bars, night-club and an outdoors pool. From August to December a range of outdoor activities/excursions are available - such as whale watching.

While on Ilheu Das Rolas, guests should explore the superb underwater world, go scuba diving snorkelling, Sailing or just relax on the beautiful sandy beaches. The hotel restaurant holds a good reputation on the island where classical Portuguese and Santomean cuisine is served. Nice to know is that the resort lies exactely on the equator.


Things to do

Dolphins and Whales and other sea creature

Through the months of July to October Humpback whales visit the waters around Sao Tome as they move from their summer feeding grounds in low latitudes to more tropical mating and calving areas. Sao Tome is one of the favorite spots for Marlin fishers.

Sun and Beach

If you like to have a beach for your self, this is the right place for you. There are strings of sandy beaches backed by palm trees and offshore reefs with rare corals. Some beaches are reached on foot, some by boat and others only accessible to turtles who come ashore to lay their eggs in the warm sand


Given its privileged location directly on the Equator, Sao Tome islands offers the ideal conditions in terms of visibility and water temperature to underwater sport.  The warm and clear waters are filled with fish and other interesting creatures like muraenas, octopuses, and green sea turtles. A true paradise for scuba diving and underwater fishing.

Rocas and Plantation Houses

The Sao Tome and Principe fascinating history dominated by the slave trade and plantations has left several historical landmarks. Came dicover the different plantation houses and "Roças" that was used during the colonial past. Many of them are now run as small hotels where you can spend the night and relax on the big verandas