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Pointe St. Catherine beachcamp

Pt St. Catherine beachcamp is situated in the North of Loango National Park, on the

Pointe St. Catherine, beach, camp
Pointe St. Catherine beach
estuary of the Loango Lagoon and the Atlantic ocean. This small and remote camp is a satellite camp of Loango Lodge. A fantastic stretch of wild, pristine beach, nearly 100 kilometres long will be totally yours. Pt. St. Catherines beach is a true remote beach and is lined by dense mangrove forests sheltering a whole range of wildlife and smaller mammals. This place is a perfect one for beach combing, collecting shells or watch the sun go down whilst sipping a glass of chilled bubbly after an exiting safari day in Loango National Park.


The accommodation

This tiny Pt St. Catherine beach camp consists of 5 thatch covered tents,

Pointe St. Catherine beach camp
each with 2 single beds, all having ensuite bathroom facilities with shower, basin and toilet and are mounted on a platform with private terrace. All tents are placed facing the ocean but having the jungle right behind it. Each tent is placed far enough from each other to guarantee ultimate privacy and each tent has handmade sunbeds and parasols. The facilities in this camp are limited and basic.

The restaurant is divided in a dining room and lounge room with well stocked bar. The sand covered floors of both open rooms gives you the ultimate view on the ocean. If one is lucky, breaching whales and jumping bottlenose dolphins can be spotted from the camp.

Pt. St. Caterine, beach, camp
Relax beach drinks
All satellite camps of Loango Lodge have permanently eco- guides for safaris and excursions from these places. These staff members are locally trained by Megatransect Mike Fay (Wildlife Conservation Society) and Nick (Michael) Nichols, National Geograhic famous photographer.



Things to do

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Turtle watching
Turtle watching

Gabon is home to one of the largest leatherback populations in the world. In the turtle season, from October to February, you can venture out at night with our expert eco-guides to look for nesting marine turtles. In total, four species of marine turtles can be found nesting on Gabon’s beaches. The leatherback and the olive ridley nest here regularly but the green turtle and the hawksbill turtle only nest here on rare occasions.

Whale watching

From July to September humpback whales visit the waters alongside

Whale watching
Gabon and Sao Tome as they migrate from their low-latitude summer feeding grounds to more tropical mating and calving areas. Africas- Eden subsidise a long term whale research and visitors can come on the researchboat and see how the research in done. One one visitor at the time can come along and see the whales upclose. Because of the research, whales can be spotted as far as 4 meters.