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Pongara Lodge

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Pongara Lodge
Including almost all the left bank of the Komo Estuary and a part of the Atlantic coast, the Pongara park contains the largest mangrove area of Gabon, but also forests and savannahs. At the Pongara Point, there is a research site for turtles, allowing one to see the leatherback turtle laying eggs in season (from November to February) and then the hatching of the eggs. Numerous rivers joining the estuary are very rich, although they are still to be discovered. On the ocean in the Ngombé Bay, with its turquoise blue water, Pongara Lodge is situated. Its a fine place to stay and to relax and to enjoy the exiting Gabonese nature.


Pongara Lodge is Gabons latest touristic venue and is the first eco-lodge; a simple and very friendly lodge that provides service with a smile. It consist of

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Pongara beach
six airconditioned bungalows equipped with ensuite bathrooms, a terrace and a friendly restaurant/bar. To get to the lodge is an advernture itself. You have to take a boat across the Estuary. From shore, its about a 40 minute drive to the lodge. Your care ride will introduce you to the wonders of Pongara's nature. This place is lovely for the day or for a few nights.


Things to do

Visit Pongara National Park.

The park is located along the southern shores of the Gabon estuary. It is one of

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Pongara National Park
Gabon's national treasures, and a must see while visiting Gabon. Within this national park Gabon has created a safe haven for numerous endangered and threatened species such as the leatherback turtles (at Pongara point the shoreline acts as a breeding ground from October to March), hawksbill turtles, green turtles, gorillas, and elephants.


There is plenty to do; big game fishing, surfing or ask a guide to take you on a walking tour in the forest


And a word on staying in Gabon

Tourism is still in its infancy and the restrictions caused by the lack of infrastructure are the very reason for the lack of environmental damage. Visitors should not always expect the same level of service as in countries where tourism is well-developed. Modern facilities are often not available, so having an adventurous spirit, keeping an open mind, and being willing to exercise understanding and patience will assure you of a wonderful experience during your visit. Most hotels and lodges provide comfortable accommodation and good food, although outside of Libreville tourist infrastructures are modest and unsophisticated. Gabon is a peaceful land and one of the safest and least problematic of all Central and Western African countries, thereby providing save traveling opportunities. Local tour operators can arrange visits to all the major places of interest.