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Hotel Tropicana

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Hotel Tropicana

It might be weird that this Hotel is amongst the portfolio of hotels on this website. Reason why Dubai to Africa has chosen this hotel is for the fact that the hotel is a landmark amongst the expatriates and locals in Libreville. Its very welcoming and charming owners who have been there for decades as well as its lively atmosphere but most of all its fabulous food. Its lovely situated on the beach very close to the airport so its convenient to spend the first or last day in this hotel IF you can stand the lack of luxury.

The accommodation

Hotel Tropicana has 20 rooms and a family room all with airconditioning and ensuite bathroom. The rooms are very simple and moist. The beds are small and sometimes the staff forget to bring towels. Please ask reception and they will bring it to your room. If you have the possiblity, please ask for the family room as it has a very nice touch to it and is situated right at the beach. Food is fabulous, breakfast is somewhat simple with bread and jam.

Things to do

Presidential Palace

This shrine of magnificence was built by former President Bongo in the 1970. It lies in the heart of the city and can be seen from even the outer areas of the city. It is also a top city attraction.

L’Eglise St-Michel Libreville

It is distinguished by large wooden columns. The columns were carved by a blind Gabonese man.

Musee des Arts et Traditions du Gabon

This is a pure treasure in Libreville and Gabon as a country. It features a precious collection of masks making it a must-see attraction in Libreville.