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Flamingo Bay Lodge

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Flamingo Bay Lodge
Flamingo Bay Water Lodge is situated in the pristine tidal bay of Inhambane 485km north of Maputo, the capital of Mozambique.The lodge is situated on stilts on the crystal clear waters of the warm Indian Ocean. This eco-paradise is home to flocks of flamingo’s, tropical Fish and the very rare Dugong.  The sunsets at Flamingo Bay are nothing less than breathtaking. The warm Indian Ocean offers safe bathing all year round and the endless wide open Beaches offer hours of strolling pleasure.


The accommodation

The Water Chalets are spacious and well appointed and all have a four poster bed

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Flamingo Bay Lodge Interior
with netting with balcony, wide opening sliding doors and air-conditioning. The chalets and furniture are constructed from beautiful local hardwoods from Mozambique. Each chalet is situated on stilts in the crystal clear tidal waters of Inhambane Bay. Sunbathing, swimming, Snorkelling and boating may be enjoyed directly from each chalet.The main building and chalets are connected by wooden walkways where golf carts are available to ferry guests. The lodge is not on the open sea but on a beautiful tidal Estuary and experiences the same tidal changes as one would experience at any coastal resort.

This however creates an interesting environment with the fish following the tide as it

Flamingo, Bay, Lodge
Flamingo Bay Lodge
moves in and out as well as the birds and crabs and other estuarine creatures appearing and moving with these daily changes. Flamingo Bay has access to the open ocean which is a short walk out the back of the lodge.The beautiful pool has (private) dining facilities and the restaurant is equipped with a well stocked bar. The gourmet restaurant offers sumptuous meals specialising in local dishes of Mozambique including fresh crabs and calamari which are all caught locally.


Things to do

Scuba diving

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Flamingo Bay Lodge pool dive instructions
Flamingo Bay Lodge has a fully equipped Padi Dive centre with all the necessary facilities including kitting-up rooms, filling station, rest areas, kit storage, lecture and first-aid areas. For beginners, the lodge organizes courses starting in the pool, then going on open sea diving trips.

Catamaran Sailing

The lodge has a luxury 33foot catamaran. It offers day trips in the secluded Estuary. Trips to Pansy Island are offered as well as Snorkelling and Diving