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Vamizi island lodge

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Vamizi island
Vamizi Island Lodge is situated on Vamizi Island in the Quirimbas Archipelago and looks towards Rongui from the end of a long powder-sand beach. Vamizi Island is a whale- shaped sliver of coral, fringed with perfect white sand, grown over with wild, indigenous tropical bush and preserved and protected by the Vamizi Island project. This craggy coral wilderness - with practically no rainfall - benefits from minimal human impact and is a unique and precious island habitat. It is home to an exceptional number of land-based coastal species of flora and fauna. Vamizi island is an exceptionally lodge, with only 10 seperate beach houses and top class service. Without a doubt this lodge is the best beach lodge in Africa.

The accommodation

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Vamizi room interior
Vamizi Island Lodge comprises 10 separate beach houses, each with its own large living room, spectacular bathroom and breezy veranda. Two of these houses can accommodate 4 guests, while the rest of the houses only take 2 guests. All furniture in the rooms, the dining room and the central lounge/bar area has been chosen, designed and mostly custom-made, incorporating traditional carvings reflecting the Arabic influence in the area. The outside decks and private beaches have a selection of loungers, swinging beds and local 'Swahili day beds' to chose from. Simply grand or grandly simple - this lodge isn't about the usual five star luxury and all mod cons, it's about the more rarified pleasures of exclusive island life.

The lodge has been designed to complement the environment and to cause as little damage to it as possible. The construction uses almost entirely local materials (timber, thatch and stone all come from the mainland or the islands themselves), thus providing help to the local economy.

Vamizi Island Lodge takes advantage of the limitless flavours Mozambican seafood. Every meal at is a culinary delight as prawns, calamari, lobster and more is cooked by a team of 5-star chefs.Built on the northern side of the island, Vamizi Island Lodge is a 24-bed lodge that looks towards Rongui from the end of a long powder-sand beach. Marine activities include world-class blue water fishing and fly fishing, as well as scuba diving and snorkelling in some of the most pristine coral reefs of the Indian Ocean.


Things to do


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Marine activities offered by Vamizi lodge include world class deep-sea, fly or shore fishing, as well as scuba diving and snorkeling in the pristine coral reefs. Kayak along the beach or take a leisurly cruise with a dhow and watch the fish skim the surface of the water. Also on offer are guided walks, picnics and a daytour to the nearby Rongui Island or the old Portugese lighthouse. Expert guidance is provided for all activities.If you prefer, shady retreats offer many vantage points from wich you watch plentyful bird life while you put your feet up.