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São Tomé & Principe

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Bom Bom Island Resort- Principe

Bom Bom Island Resort- Principe

The tropical island of Príncipe is a virtually undiscovered paradise in the Atlantic Ocean, close to Gabon. On the northern shore of Príncipe lies the exclusive Bom Bom Island Resort, offering luxurious accommodation in staggeringly beautiful natural surroundings. Bom Bom Island Resort is a true haven of luxury and calm, offering the ultimate in comfortable and secluded accommodation. In addition to an ensuite bathroom, air-conditioning and other modern amenities, each bungalow has its own veranda with wonderful views across the green palm fronds and the bay.

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Omali lodge pool
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Omali Lodge

Conveniently situated across from Lagarto beach, 1.5 km from the picturesque town of São Tomé, and close to Ôbo National Park, the no frills lodge can be found. Omali, meaning ‘ocean’ and ‘source of life’. This boutique hotel has 30 rooms and suites and situated on the white sandy beach of Lagarto. The stylishly decorated boutique hotel is located close to the town of São Tomé and Ôbo National Park allowing you to conveniently explore everything the island has to offer.

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Pestana Equador Island Resort

Pestana Equador Island Resort

Located right on the Equator line, an isolated resort for honeymoons and general escapes from the civilized world with an offer of fishing and diving activities. Pestana Equador is located at Ilheu das Rolas, about 60 km from capital of São Tome & Principe, and is a paradise for leisure, romantic holidays or nautic sports. With its crystal clear unspoiled waters, it offers a colourful underwater world seldom seem, which makes it a heaven for scuba divers, snorkelling or other water sports lovers. This island beach resort is ideal for the summer vacation.


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