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The Tides

Nestled in a secluded and idyllic stretch of the Tanzanian coast, where the

The Tides, StrandZoom
The Tides Strand
Indian Ocean laps the shores of East Africa,a small and intimate beach lodge can be found - The Tides. The nearby marine parks, the centuries of sea-faring Swahili culture, the deep-sea fishing paradise and game park fabled for ocean-bathing elephant and lion, make this beach lodge the perfect haven for those in search of peaceful tranquility, special interest activities and an Africa untouched by mass tourism. The lodge is recently awarded with The Best Beach award by the Sunday Times Magazine.


The accommodation

This discreet and charming lodge consists of 7 colorful and spacious beachside

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The Tides bedroom
cabanas, with en suite facilities, and a host of exceptional features that integrate the visitor seamlessly into the surrounding environment. The rustic makuti-thatch roofs that ripple in the Indian Ocean breeze, vibrant Caribbean architecture and collection of traditional artifacts and Swahili furniture conspire to create a distinctly unique environment in which to unwind your mind for anything from a few days to a few weeks.

The restaurant, soothed by sea breezes, serves up a sumptuous global cuisine that brings together contemporary Pacific-Rim flair, European classics and modern world tastes with a lavish array of seafood, brought in daily by dhow-borne fishermen to your table.

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The Tides, The Lodge
The lamp-lit dinners, set to the serenading surf-sigh of the Indian Ocean, make for a definitively romantic experience. The beachside bar completes this vision of paradise with an exotic repertoire of lush cocktails, ice-cold drinks and tropical juices to slake your thirst. The ocean is perfect for swimming and with Maziwe Island Marine Reserve just offshore; it is a perfect place for snorkelling and diving.


Things to do

Village Tours

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Village people, locals
Village tours and historical tours are also offered.  This area of coast is steeped in Swahili history. For centuries there has been trading taking place along the east African coast from Ethiopia to Mozambique. They traded in ivory, rhinoceros horn, turtle shell, coconut oil and slaves, in return for cloth, rice and beans. For guests interested in the history of Pangani, the Cultural Tourism Office runs guided historical walking tours with trained guides. They can be arranged at the lodge, and can also be combined with a river cruise up the Pangani River.

Dhow trips

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The tides dhow trip sea excursion
Boat trips can be booked to nearby Maziwe Marine Reserve for snorkelling and diving. This is a sand bar island surrounded by blue waters beneath which is a pristine reef and abundant sea life. It is part of a larger reef system that stretches up and down the East African coast. The island makes a superb location for both snorkelling and scuba diving where numerous species of coral exist and over 200 species of tropical fish. Also inhabiting the waters around the reefs are green turtles and spinner dolphins. The Tides are involved with ‘Friends of Maziwe’ which is an informal collaboration with local fishermen, the Marine Parks Authority and the local hotels. Its function is to protect the island from illegal fishing and dynamiting but also in the future to educate the local fishing communities in conservation issues.


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