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Saadani Tent with a View

Located on a deserted Indian Ocean beach just outside the boundary of

Saadani, Tent, View
Saadani Tent with a View
Saadani National Park, close to the park headquarters at Mkwaja and near the green turtle nesting beaches of Madete, Saadanis Tent with a View can be found. Saadani is Tanzania’s only coastal wildlife reserve and offers the unique opportunity to observe Africa’s big game and bird life interacting with the sea. 4 of the Big 5 are present (no rhino) and there are healthy populations of giraffe, reedbuck, waterbuck, eland, zebra, buffalo, warthog and smaller antelopes. The lion population is increasing and sightings are now commonplace though still not guaranteed. Tent with a view is a great place to spend a wildlife holiday on the beach.


The accommodation

The lodge consists of only ten luxury tents, eight of which are elegantly perched on stilts and

Saadani, luxury, tents
Saadani luxury tents
two at beach level. All are private and well spaced along a pristine stretch of the Indian Ocean beach. Emphasis is on relaxation and appreciation of the natural environment. Each banda makes use of natural products with driftwood and coconut fibres adorning the rooms and interior materials have been designed along specific Saadani themes. The gorgeous new honeymoon suite is drapped in luxurious romantic fabrics and has a private balacony and forested walkway to a sunken bath in the mangroves! The spacious restaurant and bar is also elevated on stilts overlooking the sea. Freshly caught seafood is a speciality and 3 balconies offer
Saadani, Tent, Hammock
Saadani Tent Hammock
atmospheric views of the Indian Ocean.
Saadani cannot compare with Selous or Serengeti for productivity of game viewing but the unique environment provides an enchanting atmosphere and offers several gentle but fascinating activities in the immediate lodge surroundings.  This is a perfect destination for relaxing and enjoying rural Tanzania on the Indian Ocean with a taster of safari.

Things to do

The sea laps against the shoreline in front of every banda – the unmistakable sound of 'barefoot luxury'

Saadani, beach
Saadani beach
. Step back from the sea however, and the sounds of the bush come to the fore, making this a unique and exciting combination. Saadani makes the perfect honeymoon destination - long walks down the deserted beach, swimming in the Indian Ocean or indulging the wild bush on private safaris, some with a wonderful twist. In the evenings, sundowners are served and you can dine on fresh lobster, prawns, crab or a variety of fish under the stars before retiring to your luxury tented accommodation.

Boat tours

A boat safari is one of the highlights of any visit to Saadani. The river is home to large crocodiles and many hippo which at low tide can be seen on the sand banks. Dolphins are sometimes seen offshore and whales pass through the Zanzibar channel on their migration. Of particular interest is the green turtle project at Madete Marine Reserve.



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