Gabon – wildlife

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Gabon wildlife, elephants
Primates - Containing the second largest rainforest in the world Gabon is home to a variety of primates including the lowland gorilla, chimpanzee, mandrill and a number of different monkey species. The western lowland gorilla, native to Gabon, is renowned for how difficult it is to habituate to human presence; with larger home territories this subspecies tends to roam further afield in search of its staple diet thus making it harder to track and harder to habituate. Seeing wild lowland gorillas alongside such other animals as forest elephant, sitatunga, and buffalo is quite an extraordinary sight! Gorillas can also be seen at a number of other parks throughout Gabon however sightings are not guaranteed, tracking is strenuous and be prepared to be crawling through the forest on your stomach - travellers
Gabon gorilla
must bear in mind that they are some of the first tourists to visit Gabon and that this is all part of the experience!!

Other Wildlife - Gabon may not have the savannah game of countries such as Kenya or Tanzania however it continues to throw up surprises for all involved  - renowned for its surfing hippos, gorillas, elephants and buffalo on the beach, this truly is a Garden of Eden. Gabon's vast variety of flora and fauna is unique to Africa and it is this uniqueness that contributes to the reasoning behind visiting Gabon.

Marine Life - Gabon is home for world reknown researchers who conduct an annual study for Humpback Whales, bottlenose dolphins and humpback dolphins. Visitors of Loango Lodge can come along with the

Whale watching
researchers to see how DNA is been taken from the Whales and how the research is done. Gabons beaches are world renowned nesting grounds forturtles, in specific leatherback turtles, with them coming ashore to lay their eggs between mid November and mid January every year.

As Gabon is still only a young destination it may not be able to guarantee specific sightings of certain animals but the amalgamation of such variety in one country provides a unique experience that is not possible anywhere else on the continent. We recommend Gabon as a destination for the experienced African traveller and for travellers to note that Gabon is a seasonal destination.