A wildlife safari

Selous, giraffeZoom
Selous giraffe
in Kenya is a holiday not to be missed; boasting some of the largest populations of game on the African continent with a variety of different national parks and reserves the sheer variety and concentration of game is astounding.

The Big Five are readily seen (not guaranteed!) and are still the main focus for wildlife safaris, travellers should remember however that there is much more to Kenya and Africa than this, and that it is often in the smaller things that one finds the most enjoyment whether it be a leopard tortoise slowly wandering across the road or an elephant shrew scuttling through the bush.

Kenya has numerous parks and reserves where you may be able to spot the Big Five. The annual

Masai, Mara, reserveZoom
Masai Mara reserve
wildebeest migration however is a different matter entirely; found only in the Masai Mara (aside from also in the Serengeti in Tanzania) this is a spectacle not to be missed. During the months of July through to September you can expect to start seeing the movement of the migration, which consists of millions of wildebeest and zebra. The most spectacular sightings can be seen at the Mara River in the Masai Mara.

River crossings and the migration cannot be guaranteed as timings fluctuate on an annual basis, however two of the best areas to see the migration crossing are on the Mara and Talek Rivers. This is a wildlife spectacle that everyone must see at least once during their lifetime as the thundering hooves of millions of wildebeest gather on the plains, predators, including lion,

Cheetah, Amboseli, Nakuru, Masai MaraZoom
leopard, hyena and cheetah, follow in the distance picking off unsuspecting lone animals or juveniles.

Aside from the Masai Mara there are numerous other reserves and conservancies that are doing their bit for wildlife conservation. These "conservancies" are generally run by local communities and in turn benefit both the local community financially and protect the local wildlife populations.