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Mozambique – when to go

Mozambique has a tropical climate, with year-round warm temperatures. The best time to visit

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Bazaruto is during the dry season - which runs from May to November. These are also the cooler winter months. The Islands are quite hot during December and January, which can make travelling unpleasant. From February to March is hurricane season, so if you do visit during this time, be prepared for occasional downpours of rain. When you choose to travel to Bazaruto may also depend on what activities you are interested in. The waters of the Indian Ocean are always warm, and diving conditions tend to be good all year. Migrating humpback whales are in these waters from June to September, and the best time to see whale sharks is from October to early December. The best time to go marlin fishing is from September to January, while sailfish patrol the waters from May to September.


The Mozambique weather is characterized by seasonal rains at a specific time of the year. The rainy season

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is from November to April and the temperatures can get very hot and humid, particularly between December and February. A few spells of rain occur during the months of April to May and rain is very unusual between June and November. Mozambique enjoys an average of 8 to 9 hours of sunshine daily throughout the year and climate varies according to area. Inland is cooler than the coast and rainfall higher as the land rises, with most rain between January and March. Temperatures and rainfall patterns vary greatly between the regions of the country. The areas along Mozambique's north-eastern coast are the hottest and most humid in the country, while the high-altitude regions in the Nampula and Niassa provinces are the coolest. The conditions along the coast can be oppressively hot and humid, while inland the cooler nights relieve the heat of the day.