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Zanzibar – indulge yourself

As soon as the plane door opens, you smell it. You have arrived! The wind softly blowing through your hair and you smell the spices. Zanzibar's name alone is evocative of spice, colorful fabrics and exotic beaches fringed by coral reefs. Located off the west coast of Tanzania, this unspoilt African paradise has a rich history, tropical climate, vibrant multi-cultural ambience and a variety of exotic islands. A Zanzibar holiday is unforgettable.

The name Zanzibar means "Land of the Blacks" and originates from the Arabic words "Zinj" meaning black and "barr" meaning land. The Island of Zanzibar consists of two main islands, Pemba and Unguja with some 50 smaller islands surrounding the archipelago. Unguja is the main and most developed island. Many people refer to it as Zanzibar.

Nature-lovers will delight in a Zanzibar holiday: the beaches are pristine, its marine life exotic, and the lush plantations of Pemba Island beg to be explored, as do the fantastic diving spots around Mafia Island. The markets of the capital, Unguja Mjini (or Zanzibar Town), are always bustling, rich with the sounds of competitive trading and the smells of thousands of spices. Stone Town (or Stonetown) is the city's old quarter and has been declared a World Heritage Site for its historical and cultural significance and is perfect for strolling along and offer a variety of cultural and historical discoveries.

In addition to the chilled island atmosphere and Stone Town's bustle, other attractions lie beneath the water. The diving in Zanzibar is considered to be some of the best in the world and diving sites all around the islands offer an underwater safari to rival even your most memorable overland adventures. Diving is excellent all year round, although December - March offers the best scuba diving


What to expect

Zanzibar has accommodation for all budgets. It has well hidden beach lodges with top class facilities and tranquil beach lodges for honeymooners. It also caters for people who are comfortable with a straw banda. The island has much to offer, culture, beaches and water sports and lovely architecture. A must see and do is Jozani forest, a national park on Zanzibar and Beit- al-Ajaib (the House of Wonders).


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