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Zanzibar – when to go

The delights of the Zanzibar Archipelago are irresistibly alluring year-round.The coolest

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Fundu Lagoon
and driest time to visit the island is between late June and October. From late December to February or early March temperatures are a bit highe. If you decide to brave the main rainy season (from March to June), you'll save on accommodation and transport costs but you will see that many of the lodges close down for April and reopen in May or June.


Along the coast the climate is tropical, with high humidity and temperatures averaging 25-29°C (77-84°F). From December to March, temperatures can exceed 30°C (86°F). Throughout most of the country there are two rainy seasons, with the 'long' rains (masika) drenching Zanzibar from mid-March to May, and the 'short' rains (mvuli) doing their best from November to January.