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Need to know

Safari is one of the most fabulous ways of spending your holiday. But its also one of the most expensive ways. Why? Reason for it is that you pay for being in a remote area but having 5 star service, fantastic food and drinks and you will be treated on great activities such as gamedrives, bushwalks with experts and so on. On top of this, a lot of lodges contibute highly to conservation projects and training of their staff. So by visiting these lodges, you positively contribute to this.

Prepare well

Going on a safari is one of the best experiences. Experience has learned that you can add to your holiday pleasure by preparing well. Please read these tips and act accordingly before you go.

See a doctor and do some reading on the prescriptions

Going on a safari is not without any risk. You are out in the wild and you have to realise this before you go. So take precatious before you go. Allmost every African country insist on having a yellow fever certificate upon entering the country. And almost every African country has a malaria risk. So go and see a good doktor - preferably a doctor who specialises in tropical diseases - and tell him your travel plans - well in advance. Tell him about any allergies and any previous - mental - illnesses. The (anti- malaria) medication that he prescribes will be adjusted to this.

Have a good travel and medical insurance

Have a good travel and medical insurance before you go. Realise that travelling in Africa is an adventure. Not every airline, train, or whatever mean of transportation runs on time. In a lot of cases a good travel insurance will reimburse loss of luggage or even nights that you have not been in your hotel of choice due to delays etc.

Do some reading before you go

Do some reading before you go. You see more animals and interesting things if you already know what to expect in a certain area. A place is more interesting if you already know a bit about the history of buildings and areas. Highly recommended is to take a book with animals of the area when you go on safari. Even though your guide have one as well, its always nice to have your own copy at hand.

Packing your suitcase

Pack safari. This means that your clothing should not be white, black or dark blue or very bright. This either scares animals off or attrackt insects. Neutral colors are always good; khaki, green, light brown etc would work best. Take a sweater for chilly evenings and hats for the hotter noons. Aways take good insect repellant and anti sunscreen with a sunblock. If you go on local flights please note that a lot of smaller aircrafts only limit their lugge weight to 20 kilograms in soft bags! Dont forget your most comfortable walking shoes.

Inform about visa

Many African countries require a visa. Some can be bought upon arrival but it is strongly recommended to have it before you leave on your holiday. It save you so much time waiting in queues.


Please realise that every waiter / waitress, guide or receptionist adds to your holiday experience. They happy with every tip they receive. Every penny counts for that matter.


If you take all these tips in consideration before you go, and visit one of the lodges we recommend, we guarantee you the best of times. Enjoy!