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Gabon - sample itineraries

Gabon is a fantastic destinations for africa lovers, especially for those who have been to Africa before. The coutry has 12 National Parks that can be visited. Only three of them do have excellent accommodation and guiding facilities. Dubai to Africa can put together any Gabon trip you would like to have, but to give you an idea, a sample itinerary is given based on the best parks.

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Loango Tassi Area

Loango National Park - 7 days

Have you ever visited a place before where you can encounter Whales, Elephants and Gorillas in one day? Well you just found it; Loango National Park. This park, als referred to as Africa's last eden, is the must-see for frequent Africa travellers. The National Park is a pristine eco-system with primary and secondary forest, savannah and beautiful beaches. This safari will show you how Africa once was.

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Ivindo National Park and Loango National Park - 14 days

Ivindo National Park and Loango National Park are the two best developed National Parks in Gabon. To do a safari and to visit these two parks will give visitors (in the right season) ample opportunity to see Gorillas in the wild as we take you to the best places for it; the heart of the jungle of the Congo Basin. This safari is not for the first timer to Africa as it includes travelling on the (safe) Transgabonais Expresse and a steep jungle hike that leads you to the famous Langoue Baie. This safari is for the true adventurers.

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Loango National Park and Ivindo National Park and Lope National Park - 18 days

This safari is the best of the best Gabon has to offer, three great parks, all with their unique landscapes and animals. Loango, Ivindo and Lope will maximise your wildlife viewing opportunities and will give you the best impression of how Africa once was. The combination of the scenic Lope with its mandrill population, the Baie in Langoue with its tree platforms to overlook the elephants and gorillas and the lovely Loango beach is the best of the best in Gabon.