A Kenyan safari is something special. Going here, even after being back numerous times, is never boring. The wildlife, the sceneries, the accommodation with its wonderful service, the breathtaking sunsets; its all being part ot the experience. Kenya has many wildlife places and parks to visit. Dubai to Africa selected a few but many other parks - and subsequently lodges - can be visited.

Il MoranZoom
Il Moran

Masai Mara and Loisaba / Sosian consession - 7 days

Kenya safaris are truely unforgettable. This 7 day safari combines the Masai Mara National park and the private Sosian concession; two truly amazing places to visit. This safari guarantees you perfect wildlife viewing, relaxation and superb service. The combination of the well known Masai Mara and the relatively unkown Sosian consession will make your Africa stay as in Out of Africa.

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Masai Mara reserve

Meru, Masai Mara and Loisaba - 10 days

You might have heard of the Masai Mara reserve, but you might have not heard of Loisaba or the Meru. This combination of parks and the accommodation is an amazing combination of wildlife, fine dining and exceptional hospitality. Flying from one location to the next, you’ll not leave after falling in love with each of the camps and their surroundings.

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Amboseli, Nakuru and Masai Mara - 7 days

This safari combines the natural beauty of southern Kenya: Amboseli, Nakuru and Masai Mara in a 7 day journey full of natural highlights. This safari gives you plenty of opportunity to spot Kenya's savannah game and see big cats. We have even created the opportunity for you to walk with a Cheetah. The safari lodges are carefully chosen and will give you the excellent opportunity for relaxation, excitement and wildlife photograpy.