Sao Tome and Principe

São Tomé & Principe

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Sao Tome & Principe coastline
Author: Christoph Le Petit

Sao Tome & Principe - 7 days

These 7 days will show you the best of the best of these virtually undiscovered islands. The first 4 days will be spend on Sao Tome, visiting this tropical island with Lobo national park and the islands famous cacao plantations. The last three days are spend on the lush tropical paradise called Principe where beach lovers can truly relax on an white golden sandy palm fringed beach covered with shells.

Sao Tome Waterfall
Sao Tome Waterfall

Sublime Sao Tome - 8 days

Do you know the way to Sao Tome? Sao Tome has been overlooked by most of the world, even though it has so much more to offer than its tiny size would suggest.  Spend a week on this cone-shaped volcanic island and discover its dramatic landscapes of the island. Be one of the few tourists to visit this cone-shaped volcanic island! In addition to its tropical beaches of white and black sand, this small island offers an intriguing mix of African and European culture set amidst dense rainforest.

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Sao Tome jungle

Ultimate Central Africa - 16 days

Get to know the beauty of west central Africa and visit 3 unexplored destinations! Loango National Park will capture you with its pristine and intact eco-systems: rainforest, lagoon, savannah and beach. São Tomé will embrace you with its colourful culture, and Príncipe will never leave your mind again with its beautiful secluded beaches and friendly people. Enjoy the mix of Latin America, Europe and Africa in food, dance and music.


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