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Serengeti Olakira Camp

Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater - 10 days

This safari is for those that want to experience Tanzania in style and see the highlights of this beautiful country. This luxury wildlife safari will bring you to some of the best lodges and wildlife viewing in Tanzania including Ngorongoro Crater lodge, Serengeti safari camp and Nduara Loliondo. This combination of truly fantastic parks and lodges will give an excellent opportunity to watch the stunning wildebeast migration and much more.

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Snow of Kilmanjaro Mount Kili

Snow of Kilmanjaro - 8 days

To climb mount Kili is one of the things some of us will dream of their entire life. But it can be done. Just take a few days off work and do it. Climbing the highest free standing mountain in the world will give you the experience of a lifetime. Dubai to Africa has chosen the more remote Rongai route, which is considered the quiter of routes and has the more easier ascent. The day hikes through various climate zones and unspoilt wilderness are just stunning.

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Chada chimps and Game safari

Chimps and Game safari - 8 days

A stunning 8 day safari through the West Tanzania parks Mahale and Katavi, two stunning places with even more beautiful accommodation: Greystroke and Chada Katavi. Mahale Mountains is a very special safari destination, set apart from alternatives in character, location and style. This isolated safari destination on Lake Tanganyika provides unparalleled opportunities to witness wild groups of habituated and un-habituated chimpanzees in an exceptional natural environment. These wild place will give you plenty opportunity to spot chimpanzees and other big game.


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