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Matemwe Bungalows pool and ocean

Matemwe Bungalows

Set on a coral cliff overlooking a fine powder beach and distant coral reef, Matemwe Bungalows is a small and luxurious beach lodge. The lodge is tucked away on the northeast coast of Zanzibar and has a total of 14 beach-front-rooms; which are roughly split half and half into suites and standard rooms. All the rooms have thatch roofs, sea facing verandas, and are elegantly furnished using lots of palm matting and colourful Swahili fabrics. The beaches are said to be the best on the island.

Fumba Beach Lodge

Fumba Beach Lodge

Situated on one of Zanzibar’s most beautiful and secluded beaches, Fumba Beach Lodge is a luxurious and peaceful hideaway, offering a perfect blend of casual elegance and friendly, first class service. Just 30 minutes southwest of Zanzibar’s Stone Town, with its magnificent architecture and ancient culture, the Lodge is concealed well away from the busy tourist areas, making it the perfect venue for enjoying the peace and tranquility of this tropical island paradise. Wake up to the romantic adventure you have been dreaming about and discover the hidden meaning of Fumba Beach Lodge.

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Fundu Lagoon Pemba

Fundu Lagoon Pemba

Fumba is a stunning little lodge,at the edge of a forest along a spectacular white sand beach. There are just twelve rooms, each one a safari-style tent, some right at the water’s edge, others higher up the wooded hillside, with wider-ranging views and added privacy. Two suites have their own plunge pool. Fumba is situated on Pemba, about 50 kilometers of Zanzibar and is rewarded as best lodge in Tanzania and is haven for divers.

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Hurumzi 365 Stonetown

Hurumzi 365 Stonetown

Formerly called 'Emerson and Green', a sumptuously restored merchant's mansion with renowned rooftop restaurant in the heart of Stone Town. Stained-glass windows and wooden lattice-work throw mysterious patterns over marbled bathtubs and oriental rugs, while vast mosquito nets drape langorously from chandeliers and down over carved four-poster beds. This is a magical place to stay for a night or two and discover Stonetown and its hidden gems - before you take off for the beach.


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