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Kenya beach accommodation

Kenya has fantastic beach accommodations. From the more known hotels and lodges near Mombassa to very small intimite beach bandas in Lamu, right off the coast of Kenya. Where Tanzania has Zanzibar, Kenya has Lamu. Lodges and hotels price categories and service levels differ from very high end to very basic. Dubai to Africa has selected only a few simply because there are too many to describe. Please request for more lodge and hotel options.

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Kizingo Lodge - Lamu island

Kizingo Lodge - Lamu island

Kizingo on Lamu is a true gem. This basic beach lodge on this non motorized island has 8 spacious bandas with high pitched thatched roofs and shaded balconies. This basic lodge is situtad on a 12 kilometer long beach far away from other tourist facilities. This beautiful, peaceful island is for those who can appreciate the remoteness topped with the right level of service. Kizingo is the ultimate 'no news, no shoes’ beach resort - a wonderful secluded and tranquil escape from the modern world. The lodge offers swimming with dolpins and diving and snorkelling on the island reefs.

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Alfajiri Villas

Alfajiri villas

Sheltered on coral cliffs, above the talcum sands of Diani Becah, this stylish private retreat is perfect for exclusive lazy days, fine food and panoramic views. Each of the three villas is individually designed with bright and breezy, flowing fabrics and East African artefacts, carved Lamu doors and wooden beams reflecting the region's link with Asia. The concept is as you please - snorkelling or golf, massages or yoga or just relaxing in your hideaway. These villas are the perfect place for families with children who like to relax.

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Lion in the Sun

Lion in the Sun

A revitalizing oasis on Kenya's Malindi coast offers the perfect opportunity to revive both your body and your mind. An immense, luscious tropical garden, filled with the irresistible fragrance of hundreds of exotic local plants, broken only by four refreshing seawater pools, surrounds a wonderfully majestic mansion, nestled between the azure expanse of the Indian Ocean and the vast lands of Africa. Relax in one of sixteen unique suites in the four splendid villas that are scattered among the gardens overlooking the sea.